Dr. Prof. Valeriy Maisotsenko

Chief Scientist, Founder

Author of over 300 patents, Dr. Prof. Maisotsenko is The Father of the M-Cycle, his life-long pursuit of development and commercialization of this technology, has earned him worldwide scientific community recognition, and forced introduction of new standards and physics books.

Stan May

President & CEO, Founder

As a part of a family, M-Cycle has always been inseparable fact of personal and professional life. Together with Dr. Prof. Maisotsenko, we offer 75+ years of unique, unmatched theoretical and hands-on knowledge, and new discoveries still unknown to the world. Stan May has co-authored several latest company patents and currently in charge of the development of the new Gen3 line of products.

Yev Muchnik, Esq

Chief Counsel

Yev Muchnik is a corporate, securities, startup and technology attorney and has carved out a successful practice, counseling technology clients in various stages, from formation to funding. Yev is also an avid entrepreneur and is the founder of ESQLegal, with working knowledge of international business engagements, including United Kingdom, Russia, Egypt, and served as legal advisor to PlayPal, the Divi Project, Blackbox AI, amongst many others, and is on the board of Global Women in Blockchain.

Alexey Polyakov

Manager of International Business Development

Alexey Polyakov holds MBA in Financial Management and B.Sc. in Engineering, he served as Chairman of Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC) and from 2010-2017 and has vast experience in international cooperation on sustainability and energy efficiency projects, including Russia, UK, China, Japan, and USA. Alexey has published more than 200 interviews, expert articles and comments in media on green building, smart city and sustainable development.

Dr. Anatoliy Vorobyev Ph.D.

Director of Laser Technologies

Anatoliy Vorobyev has Ph.D. degree in physics, with the research interests included nanosecond laser-matter interactions, nanosecond laser chemistry, and laser metrology. His scientific achievements have attracted extensive public interest and reported extensively by the News Media, including the New York Times, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, Science, Nature Magazines, US Today, U.S. News & World Report, CNN, BBC News, ABC, Newsweek, and others. Anatoliy has published over 100 papers in refereed journals, with publications have over 4000 citations.